When Miracles Happen
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When Miracles Happen - Guideposts series

green butterflyI would like to thank you for your interest in the series When Miracles Happen; True Stories of God's Divine Touch. Having completed five books in the series, I am moving on to a new project, and will no longer be editing this series.

yellow butterflyThank you for sharing your stories with me and with the readers of When Miracles Happen.

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About The Books

yellow butterflyThe first volume in the collection is Miracles of Healing. You'll meet everyday people who remember to turn to God to find healing in difficult times when all seems lost. Often despite great odds, these people discover a strength they never knew they had -- once they turn to God.

blue butterflyIn Miracles of His Care, you'll meet people who have a need, yet have no idea how they will fill it. But when they ask God for His guidance and care, He provides for them -- often in ways beyond their wildest imaginations.

green butterflyChildren view the world in such a fresh and trusting way, they seem somehow closer to God, closer to miracles. That's why I'm sure Miracles with Children, will become another favorite volume in the collection. Other volumes include Miracles and Rescues, and Miracles of Christmas.

Story Submissions

blue butterflyThank you for all the wonderful stories that you have sent me over the last few years.

I am no longer editing When Miracles Happen, and so will no longer be accepting submissions for this series of books, but I have enjoyed reading all of your writings.


I look forward to reading your stories, Phyllis Hobe